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Be Affiliated

The lifeblood of Wall Street Finance is our strong network of agents that make the service work, and we’d love yourbusiness to be a part of our family. Companies, businesses and retailers can provide our Instant Cash Service to customers to provide a streamlined method of wireless, cashless payment and have access to a range of benefits including low service fees and the most cutting edge software to negate fraud.
All our agency relationships are synergistic in nature: while we rely on our Agents to promote our services and expand the reach of our brand, the Agents enjoy the following benefits:
• Competitive exchange rates for currencies of more than 50 countries to offer your customers
• Low service fees to help you grow your presence
• Dedicated professional staff available 24/7 to answer any questions or queries you may have
• Affiliation with a recognized brand of an internationally renowned company
• Access to state-of-the-art software to protect against fraud and non-compliance
• Global Presence/Strong Network due to strategic ties with financial institutions and commercial partners
If you are interested in becoming an agent of Wall Street Finance LLC, please visit our Agents page for more information.

Our Values

We hold our values very close, so much so we built it into the service – we want to ensure the peace of minds of our clients when using the Wall Street Finance. Not only is Wall Street Finance so simple to use, it’s also completely secure.
We hold our customers, agents, and partners in high regard. We consider the trust they place in us a great honour and a privilege. We believe that integrity is a cornerstone of any successful business relationship.We value the business of our customers, partners and agents. We operate only in the most respectful, courteous and professional manner.
You shouldn’t feel apprehensive when using an exchange service, so we’ve made sure you wouldn’t have to worry at all.

Our Business

Wall Street Finance is your easy, yet functional, method of money transfer AND currency exchange. Not only do we offer a surprisingly simple service to commercial clients, but to individuals too. You get the multi-tool of transfer methods that you would expect from Wall Street itself. We’re always dedicated to delivering the winning solutions for customers, agents and partners alike.
As our ongoing commitment to service excellence, we subject ourselves to compliance audits by the top auditing firms in North America on a regular basis. We conduct ongoing staff and agent training to remain at the leading edge of all industry developments and keep our stakeholders ahead of the curve when it comes to compliance and following AML procedures.
We are always exploring new opportunities to expand our global presence by forming strategic alliances with key financial institutions around the world. We invest in the latest security protocols and regular software upgrades to ensure safety of all personal information entrusted to us by our users.

Our Agents

Our Agents are business entities who choose to provide our Instant Cash service to their retail customers face-to-face at their office locations/storefronts. Our extensive Agent network is undeniably a cornerstone of our organizational success as we rely on them to promote our services and grow the reach of our brand. You can expect the same outstanding level of customer care and professional expertise of all our Agents as you would receive when dealing with the WSF Head office – we pay special attention to ongoing training and support of our Agents to ensure consistently high quality user experience across all locations. To find a Wall Street Finance agent near you, click here. If you’d like to learn more about becoming an agent, click here.

Why a Kangaroo ?

The choice of the kangaroo you see in the logo is no arbitrary choice. These powerful creatures travel at speeds of up to 65 kilometres per hour with its baby tucked safely in its pouch.Wall Street Finance helps you transfer funds at super quick rates, with all of your currency and information kept safe. Like a kangaroo, our service packs a powerful punch.
Also, the kangaroo only moves forward, never backwards, just like Wall Street Finance is committed to remain an industry leader through continuous development of its business and evolution of its brand.

Anti-Money Laundering

Something Wall Street Finance holds up in pride is our close partnership with US financial institutions and government. As such, we work with their laws and regulations to prevent money laundering through our service.